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Shauna Coxe, BAA PSYC, RA EOT book an appointment

Shauna is passionate about mind body integration and focuses on facilitating physical and emotional transformations with her patients.

Having worked in both holistic clinics and spa settings since beginning her career in 2000, Shauna has learned that emotions and trauma store in the body and manifest in tension patterns and dis “ease” both physically and psychologically. To address this, she has since developed her practice of Integrative Bodywork which includes an eclectic blend of modalities, that are both supportive and functional in approach. Shauna feels this form of integrative bodywork is ideal for those going through life transitions, those who enjoy mind body work, and those who suffer from chronic tension, stress, hormonal imbalance, or pain. It also benefits those recovering from motor vehicle accidents and surgeries. She works to encourage change in perspective and enhance physical awareness for deeper breath connection and athletic performance in her patients.

Shauna continues to regularly expand her knowledge and currently holds the following certifications:
  • Applied Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling Psychology
  • Advanced level training in Aromatherapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Body Mechanic Correction
  • Bellies Inc. Core Confidence Specialist certifications

Shauna is a mother of three and has had first hand experience recovering from pregnancies, surgery, concussion and the self care needed to heal from these. She finds balance in her own life by taking time to enjoy nature, good food and laughter.