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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is a whole body, mind and spirit approach to wellness. When working with a Holistic Nutritionist, we look at your lifestyle as a whole, digging deep to find balance across the body systems and get to the root of your symptoms.

Current dietary habits, physical and emotional symptoms are taken in to account when your wellness plan is created for you. Be prepared to learn about how to create balanced meals, combine foods for optimal health, and make lasting changes to reach your wellness goals.

Common Questions

What does an appointment with a Nutritionist cover?
A Wellness Plan package starts with a 30 minute visit where we review your lifestyle assessment forms, your goals and your diet diary. These are to be filled out and returned prior to your initial appointment. This gives us a big picture of your current health, dietary habits and physical activity. At your next visit, you are presented with a wellness protocol based on your goals and symptoms. It includes a meal plan, nutrition education on why the protocol was chosen, recommendations for physical activity and other lifestyle interventions that will optimize your health. The goal is to get to the root of your symptoms and not just cover them up with quick fixes.

I am vegan and don't want to be told to eat animal protein. Do you work with people with dietary restrictions?
Yes I do. I take in to consideration your dietary preferences, any food aversions or allergies when I create a wellness plan for you. We can discuss all of these in your initial visit.

My doctor sent me for bloodwork and tests to confirm my medical condition. Do you work with doctors and other practitioners?
Nutritionists work with your practitioners as much as you would like us to. We take your test results (that you provide us), current medications, and doctor's recommendations into account when we present you with your wellness plan. You can provide as much information to us as possible on your intake forms before your initial visit.

My partner and I want to start a family but want to get as healthy as possible first. Do you work with couples to prepare for pregnancy?
Yes I do! There are steps you can both take to prepare your body for pregnancy. I will guide you through foods to include, foods to avoid, home and body detox steps, and supplements to start right away. Book in for a Wellness Plan appointment and feel free to come in together to meet with me.

I struggle to lose weight and have tried all the diets. Can you offer me something new?
As a Holistic Nutritionist, I don't recommend fad diets. Instead, I focus on dietary habits and education, physical activity recommendations, and guide you through sustainable lifestyle interventions to help you meet your goals. I want to see lasting change as much as you do.