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Counselling provides a therapeutic way to improve mental and emotional health for many individuals. Counselling can be an effective technique for individuals who experience symptoms such as depression or anxiety, as well as individuals who are facing other challenges in their lives. Many people have found counselling to be extremely helpful when facing stressful situations, major transitions, or adjusting to mental or physical illnesses.

Working with a counsellor is a courageous step that can help you develop new coping skills, make positive changes, improve your mood, increase your ability to manage stress, take better control of your feelings and behaviours, and improve your relationships. It can also be a private space to work through feelings of loss and grief, intimacy concerns, and career dissatisfaction. It can provide you with the support you need to help you examine the aspects of your life that feel out of alignment.

Reaching out for the support of one our highly-skilled counsellors can be a great help when you simply feel "stuck" or are facing a general sense of dissatisfaction in your life. You may not even know know exactly what your issues of concern are, but you know that you want some changes. Our counselling techniques will help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and help you identify areas you want to work on.

Through providing you with a confidential opportunity to explore your concerns, the counsellors at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic​ will help you get closer to bringing your desired changes into your life. They will help you gain a better insight into your own behaviours and motivations and will help you make changes to find a greater sense of peace, and move you towards new possibilities.

A counselling process can be brief in nature, or it can develop into a longer process that involves deeper explorations of problems and patterns in your life. We will tailor our time together based on what you want and what your needs are. You are the expert in bringing your values, goals and priorities to the counselling relationship. We are the experts in helping you understand your challenges and identifying next steps.

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