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Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is the synergy of various massage modalities and offers a unique opportunity to move beyond our automatic reactions to daily life. Awareness is gained through understanding how the interaction between posture, breath and the nervous system can shape our daily experience and our individual tension patterns.

Modalities include: Mind-body Integration massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, and Core Integration therapy

Mind-body Integration massage brings together the principles of breath awareness, massage and self integration. This treatment combines the physical, mental and emotional within one session. Nervous system balancing is achieved through recognizing the tension patterns that keep us in a stress state of flight or fight.

Ideal for those who enjoy mind body awareness, those who want to gain a deeper awareness of their breath, reduce tension patterns, manage stress and overwhelm, and those who just enjoy full body massage!

Lymphatic drainage massage facilitates the movement of congestion and swelling in the body by using manual techniques and selected Aromatherapy oils. Targeted sessions are tailored to individual needs, working to clear blockages from tension, nervous system imbalance and metabolic or hormonal challenges.

Ideal for those who are struggling with fluid retention, blockages and swelling, or those looking to stimulate natural detoxification and immune system functions in the body.

Core Integration Therapy and Bodywork

Recovering from life’s many physical and emotional traumas can leave us disconnected from our bodies and cycling in dysfunctional tension patterns. Whether you are recovering from having a baby, motor vehicle accident, surgery, or looking to change the tension patterns from a seated profession, learning how to be aware of your body alignment and breath while incorporating releases into your day will provide a base for other exercise or movement. You will gain awareness of your core muscles and pelvic floor and reduce unconscious tension patterns.

This program is ideal for the following people:

  • Sedentary or seated professionals
  • Post surgical
  • Menopause
  • Post hysterectomy
  • C-sections
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • And many more

Common Questions

How is Integrative Bodywork different than massage therapy?
Integrative bodywork uses massage modalities, breath awareness and emotional integration to achieve greater mind body connections. The scope of practice is holistic and the focus is on integration of self and awareness of tension while manual techniques, essential oils and breath are used to reduce patient symptoms and bring balance.

Is Lymphatic drainage safe in pregnancy?
During pregnancy it is not ideal to begin any form of detoxification rather it is a time for nourishing and building up for the mom.

Do I have to remove all my clothing for Integrative Bodywork?
No, you can remove clothing to your comfort.

Can anyone receive Core Integration Therapy?
Core Integration therapy and bodywork is designed for people who are looking to make changes in their body alignment and develop greater awareness for the synergy of what makes up their "core" and pelvic floor. Anyone can benefit from this, but results are best seen from those who are taking an active role in their recovery or rehabilitation. It is recommended that women who have recently been pregnant or had a significant surgery such as a hysterectomy see a Pelvic floor specialist prior to beginning this treatment.

What can I expect from Core Integration Therapy?
An initial appointment will include a full intake and assessment to develop a personalized plan that will include, self releases for homeware, specific bodywork and massage recommendations and applications, proper body alignment and breath awareness for releases and movement. Collaboration with other modalities is common: Pelvic floor physiotherapy, kinesiology, Massage Therapy and Chiropractic care.

Does mind body integration massage hurt?
Manual massage can be adjusted to your personal comfort. Your therapist will check in with you through out your session.

What should I expect after my massage?
It is recommended to rest, drink plenty of fluid and relax whenever you have a treatment.

How often should I receive Core Integration?
Typically weekly for the first 3 or 4 sessions, after that is based on each individuals unique situation.

Do the fees for Integrative Bodywork include GST?

Is Integrative Bodywork covered by my extended health benefits?
IB may be covered by some health and wellness plans offered by employers but you will not be able to claim it through an extended health plan as massage therapy.

What do I wear to a Core Integration session?
Athletic attire is recommended.