Remembering Kona

It is with great sadness that we share that our furry clinical associate and friend Kona passed away on Wednesday past, June 13. She was six. Kona fought a very brave battle with cancer that only became apparent a few days earlier. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to slow its rapid progression and Kona’s health took a sharp turn for the worse overnight on Tuesday.

In reality, Kona had been fighting her ailment for some time but showed incredible courage, strength, and toughness in refusing to allow it to impact her way of life or her enthusiasm for her work at the clinic. Her resolve in the face of such adversity is apparent in how she continued to warmly welcome all who entered our doors with her friendly wagging tail.

Kona touched many hearts and lives both at the clinic, in particular with Stacey’s clients who had the privilege of spending some extra quality time with Kona once they managed to get past her belly rub station in thekona 1  reception area. She will be greatly missed by our clients and the wellness team alike, but her positive outlook on life, passion for her “work”, and dedication to the well-being of all those who entered the door will continue to serve as a shining example to every one of us in all that we aspire to do.

With Love, The Rocky Point Wellness Team