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Core + Pelvic Floor Movement Therapy

Giving birth is often compared to running a marathon and rightly so! Pregnancy and birth place great demands on the body similar to that of an athlete yet seldom do women 'train' for their birth.

Prepare To Push™ sessions use the fitness principle of specificity to help women train their body for labour and birth. Targeted movements that strengthen the core and pelvic floor, build endurance for the big day and release tension to facilitate birth are practiced and given to women as homework in preparation for delivery.

Core + pelvic floor restoration sessions work on rebuilding the inner core unit through alignment, breath work and movement. Starting with an assessment, you progress through restorative exercise, activities of daily living, and functional movement to ensure you have core confidence for all phases of life.

Common Questions

Are there internal pelvic floor assessments performed?
No, all evaluation and assessment is done using posture analysis, movement testing and Q&A.

This is not my first pregnancy, will it still be effective?
Absolutely! It is important no matter how many pregnancies you have had.

I have 3 children – am I too late to restore my core?
Absolutely not! Change can always be made and you will be thankful you invested in you.

Do I need any fancy equipment to do the workouts at home?
No - equipment we use, if any is all replaceable with children, laundry baskets, cushions and toys. We want to make these as easy to fit into your day as possible.

How many sessions will I need?
Different from typical personal training that may be 1-3 sessions per week, we typically like to meet with pregnant women once or twice a trimester to evaluate and update the workouts but most of the work is done at home. Postpartum women we will typically meet between 3-5 times total, with session ideally booked about 2 weeks apart and the bulk of the work being done at home.