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Kim Vopni - The Fitness Doula - Author of Prepare To Push™ - What Your Pelvic Floor and Abdomen Want You To Know About Pregnancy And Birth, Owner of Pelvienne Wellness Inc, and Co-Founder of Bellies Inc.

Kim is a mom of 2 boys and is a Certified fitness professional who also trained as a doula. She combines the support aspect of a doula with the principles of fitness to help her pregnant clients 'Prepare To Push' while postpartum she helps her clients optimize healing and regain their core confidence for motherhood.

Kim specializes in the pelvic floor and the abdomen (diastasis recti) during pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. She believes in prevention and works to educate and empower women to optimize their body for birth and recovery, however she also recognizes that it is never too late and with the right information, women don't have to live with core dysfunction. Incontinence and organ prolapse are elements of core dysfunction that are becoming increasingly common. Using her background in fitness, childbirth education, prenatal and postpartum fitness as well as alignment and restorative exercise, Kim uses exercise and movement to help women prepare, recover and restore.

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