Updated Fee Structure for Registered Massage Therapy

First and foremost, we want to say we appreciate your business. Rocky Point Wellness Clinic is what it is today because of you, our loyal clients.

Please note that, in accordance with the RMTBC recommended fee schedule, our rates for Registered Massage Therapy will be increasing as of January 1, 2019. The new fee schedule will be as follows:

45 Minute Massage – $90

60 Minute Massage – $115.00

75 Minute Massage – $145.00

90 Minute Massage – $170.00

All listed rates include GST.

Direct Billing will continue to be available for Blue Cross clients.

Again, please know we appreciate your loyalty to Rocky Point Wellness Clinic and we are excited to continue to work with you towards achieving your health goals.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


How does your DNA test affect your dietary choices? Our Holistic Nutritionist explains how to tailor your diet around your DNA results.

by Jen Casey, CNP

This is not your ancestry DNA test, although those are super cool.

This new, diet-focused DNA test is a new tool that our Holistic Nutritionist uses to learn how your body metabolizes macronutrients, naturally. Over 100 of your key genes that are responsible for metabolic processes within your body are tested.

How can a DNA test express this kind of information? Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. A diet-focused DNA test shows how diet, exercise and environmental factors are related to how your genes are expressed and what outcomes you are predisposed to. Some nutrients can turn your genes on and off! How cool is that?







The test results give you some insight into scenarios like:

  • why you aren’t metabolizing fats efficiently
  • why you might have an increased need for vitamins D, C, A or B
  • why you prefer and function well on a high protein diet
  • your tolerance for caffeine, lactose, gluten and alcohol
  • why your best friend can eat anything she wants and never gains weight…but your jeans don’t fit the moment you indulge

DNA swab







How does it work?

Here is what the whole process looks like: Book in for a quick 15 minute appointment at the clinic to pick up your DNA test and schedule in your follow-up hour (aprox 3-4 weeks later). A non-invasive saliva sample is taken and sent in to the lab. The 50pg results, showing variances in the genes responsible for over 100 markers, are sent via email to you and our Nutritionist.

For example:

Your report shows that you have a 67% variance in the key genes responsible for calcium (Ca) absorption. This means that you are at an increased risk for developing problems associated with Ca absorption, such as osteoporosis, or blood pressure issues. Why? Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is required for muscle function (including your heart. It is a big muscle!), blood pressure regulation, healthy bones and teeth, and even hormone regulation.

Your genes will not change, but you can be proactive with what and how you eat. When your test results are in, your appointment with our Holistic Nutritionist includes specific dietary recommendations to help you optimize your calcium absorption and reduce your risk of future health problems related to the variance in your genes.

calcium foods






Suggestions such as:

  • weight-bearing exercises to increase bone density
  • increase dietary sources of calcium, such as salmon, spinach, kale, parsley, sunflower and chia seeds, cheese and organic milk
  • foods to avoid that interfere with calcium absorption

What else does the test cover?

Other areas tested are:

    • Diet Management: How your body burns fat, your sensitivity to carbohydrates and insulin, your cholesterol regulation, and your protein requirements to help determine your optimum diet
    • Weight Response: Your body’s ability to control body mass index (BMI)
    • Food Tolerances: Your tolerances to alcohol, caffeine, salt, lactose, gluten and sugar cravings
    • Food Taste and Preferences: Your preference for caffeine, carbohydrates, fats and protein. Your taste ability for bitter, salt, sweet tastes, as well as smoking behaviour
    • Vitamins and Supplements: Your need for vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as your need for supplements such as Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to stay healthy

What doesn’t the test cover?

This particular diet-focused test does not cover areas such as allergies, ancestry, inherited diseases, or illnesses.

How often do I need to do this test?

This is a one-time test. Your genes won’t change, but you will have the tools to optimize your health and the function of your genes through diet. Book in at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic to pick up your test and schedule your 1 hour test result appointment.

Jen Casey is a Holistic Nutritionist and offers nutrition services and courses at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic. To learn more about Jen, click here.

Remembering Kona

It is with great sadness that we share that our furry clinical associate and friend Kona passed away on Wednesday past, June 13. She was six. Kona fought a very brave battle with cancer that only became apparent a few days earlier. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to slow its rapid progression and Kona’s health took a sharp turn for the worse overnight on Tuesday.

In reality, Kona had been fighting her ailment for some time but showed incredible courage, strength, and toughness in refusing to allow it to impact her way of life or her enthusiasm for her work at the clinic. Her resolve in the face of such adversity is apparent in how she continued to warmly welcome all who entered our doors with her friendly wagging tail.

Kona touched many hearts and lives both at the clinic, in particular with Stacey’s clients who had the privilege of spending some extra quality time with Kona once they managed to get past her belly rub station in thekona 1  reception area. She will be greatly missed by our clients and the wellness team alike, but her positive outlook on life, passion for her “work”, and dedication to the well-being of all those who entered the door will continue to serve as a shining example to every one of us in all that we aspire to do.

With Love, The Rocky Point Wellness Team

4 Week Group Fitness & Nutrition Program with Jen Casey

by Jen Casey, CNP

Nutrition and fitness go together like avocado and toast! Round up your bestie and join me for 4 weeks (Tues/Sat) of education and movement! Leave with some new friends, a good base in nutrition education including building balanced meals and meal planning, plus a healthier body and lifestyle. Schedule is:

Week 1:

  • Sat June 16/18, 12-1pm @ Rocky Point Wellness Clinic in Port Moody

Meet and greet, Nutrition 101 class, plus receive a 1 week meal plan to start following

Week 2:

  • Tues June 19/18, 6:30-7:30pm @ Rocky Point Wellness Clinic in Port Moody

Nutrition class: Beauty Foods // Learn about foods to help keep skin clear, foods to avoid, and food you can use as skin care

  • Sat June 23/18, 9-10am @ Rocky Point Park

45min outdoor bootcamp

Week 3:

  • Tues June 26/18, 6:30-7:30pm @ Rocky Point Wellness Clinic in Port Moody

Nutrition class: How to meal plan and receive 1 week meal plan

  • Sat June 30/18, 9-10am @ Rocky Point Park

45min outdoor bootcamp

Week 4:

  • Sat July 7/18, 9-10am @ Rocky Point Park

45min bootcamp

  • Potluck picnic to wrap up our program
Register here or call the clinic for more info. You will be emailed the full schedule and details upon booking.
Jen Casey offers courses and nutritional counselling at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click here to learn more about Jen.

RMT Position Available

Due to high demand for massage therapy in the clinic, we are looking to expand our team!

If you are a Registered Massage Therapist and feel you would be a good fit for our integrated team, send us an email at info@rockypointwellness.com.

Rocky Point Wellness Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic, established in downtown Port Moody in 2010, with a solid reputation in the community. Our location is walking distance to Rocky Point Park, the West Coast Express and the Evergreen Skytrain line, making us centrally located and easily accessible to Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Our street level clinic is approximately 1500 square feet with 5 spacious treatment rooms. There is plenty of natural light and a large open room available to be utilized for talks, meetings, and various group activities. Our team currently consists of a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an Acupuncturist, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Fitness Doula, ​a Holistic Nutritionist and two Registered Massage Therapists.

The right candidate is responsible, dedicated and enjoys working in a team environment. You’re passionate about what you do and provide the best therapeutic care for your patients.

We offer highly competitive daily or monthly rent options, and can accommodate both part time and full time schedules. While working in our multidisciplinary team, there is plenty of opportunity for cross referrals within our space. Linens/laundry and convenient online booking system included. 

* Please note that applicants must have active registration in good standing with the CMTBC to be considered for this position. 

Building a Healthy Lunchbox

Not sure what foods to pack in your child’s lunchbox to keep their brain and body fueled all day? Join Rocky Point Wellness’ Holistic Nutritionist, Jen Casey, for an hour about how to build your child a healthy lunch for school.

We will cover:

  • Brain food: keep your child’s energy up through nutrition
  • How the macronutrients fuel your child’s body
  • The dangers of added sugar and where it hides
  • School-approved sugar-free + nut-free snack ideas


May 3, 10-11am

Rocky Point Wellness

Tickets available on Eventbrite or on our online booking page

Click here to learn more about Jen.


Notice of Rate Increase for Acupuncture Treatment

First and foremost, we want to say we appreciate your business. Rocky Point Wellness Clinic is what it is today because of you, our loyal clients.

Please note that starting June 1, 2018, our rates for Acupuncture treatment will be increasing. The new prices will be as follows:

Initial Appointment – $100

Follow-Up Appointment – $85

6 Treatment Package – $450 ($60 savings)

Direct Billing will continue to be available for Blue Cross clients.

Again, please know we appreciate your loyalty to Rocky Point Wellness Clinic and we are excited to continue to work with you towards achieving your health goals.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Acupressure for Allergies

by Dani Foster, R.TCMP, R.Ac.

For many, allergy season has arrived full force leading to aggravating symptoms such as frequent sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, scratchy throat and painful sinus headaches. Sinus self-care acupressure can help reduce these symptoms and alleviate some of the pain associated with sinus headaches or infections. Following the simple routine below on a daily basis can help to ease pain and relieve some of the symptoms related to seasonal allergies.

Daily Sinus Acupressure Routine:

Apply gentle firm pressure to each of the following locations on both sides of your face with your thumbs or index fingers, making small circles 10 times in each location:

  1. At the inner end of the eyebrows
  2. At the middle of the eyebrows
  3. On the forehead, above the middle of the eyebrows
  4. At the outer end of the eyebrows
  5. At the sides of the nostrils
  6. At the sides of the nose
  7. On the cheekbones, in line with the pupil of the eye

Allergy Acupressure


** Follow this by applying pressure to the area between the thumb and LI-4index finger – find the area that gives the most sensation, press 3-5 times, holding for several seconds each time.


Looking for more lasting relief?

Acupuncture treatment can not only help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies but can help to moderate the immune system and reduce sensitivity to some allergens. This can lead to decreased reliance on antihistamines and improved quality of life.

Dani offers acupuncture sessions at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Click here to learn more about Dani.




Notice of Rate Increase For Registered Massage Therapy

In accordance with the RMTBC recommended fee schedule, our rates for Registered Massage Therapy will be increasing as of February 1, 2018.

The new fee schedule will be as follows:

60 Minute Massage – $110.00

75 Minute Massage – $135.00

90 Minute Massage – $160.00

Our rates for 30 and 45 minute treatments will remain the same. All listed rates include GST.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Giving Advice To Your Counsellor??? 5 Types of Feedback That Can Be Very Helpful

by Melanie Rathgeber, MA, MC, RCC

It may not seem natural to think about giving feedback to your counsellor, but we really do want to hear your reflections. It helps us think back on the session, evaluate your progress, and direct where to go next. Here are five types of feedback that can be very valuable for the effectiveness of your sessions.


  1. What you liked about your session. A great way to wrap up a session is to talk about what you found helpful in this session. What stuck out for you? What are your main take-aways? Are there things you talked about or discovered that you would like to pick up on next time? I try to make a point to ask my clients at the end of their sessions for their reflections, but if there is something that is coming up for you, please feel free to bring it up on your own.


  1. What you didn’t like about your session. I once had a client come in and tell me that she was really upset with one of the questions I had asked her the previous week. It was awesome feedback! It allowed us to start down a path of why it was upsetting, what it meant to her, and why that particular question provoked the response it did.


  1. What style of counselling has worked for you in the past. If you have had counselling before, and are starting with a new counsellor, it can be very helpful to talk about your previous counselling experiences. Is there a particular type of therapy you found helpful? Do you like when your counsellor is more directive? Less directive? Do you like to do tasks between sessions? We likely won’t completely change our style, but we can certainly incorporate your preferences.


  1. What is sticking with you. If there are certain ideas that stuck with you from the previous session, it is helpful to know that. If you spent a lot of time reflecting on a certain topic, that can be a good starting point for the next session. If you found that you used some techniques more than others, that is good for us to discuss. If you found that some techniques didn’t make sense to you, we can look at the instructions and maybe modify it to suit you better. I always like when my clients tell me that they are teaching their friends and family some specific techniques – that lets me know that it must be something that is working for them!


  1. How you are feeling about your progress. It is really important for you and your counsellor to be on the same page about your goals. If you feel like you are not making enough progress towards your goals, that can be a good signal that the style of counselling may need to change. Or sometimes, it is a good prompt for you and your counsellor to remember how much progress you actually have made, even if it doesn’t always feel like that every day. Or maybe what you want to get out of counselling has changed. Maybe you are now managing some things better, but want to focus on others. Those are always important discussions to have together, and if you feel your counsellor isn’t picking up on the change of direction you want to take, please bring it up.


All this feedback is valuable and counsellors welcome it. We are trained to reflect on our practice, and your thoughts are an important part of that. Your ideas will help you and your counsellor direct your sessions and will be helpful in making your counselling effective. Thanks for the feedback!


Melanie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic and offers individual counselling sessions on Mondays and Fridays. To learn more about Melanie, Click here.